Designed for Learners Aged 10 - 17

Develop Fluency and Automaticity

Prepare for Schools Subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, etc.

Promote Thinking in English

Material Presented in the Real Context of Campus Life

Fully Enhance Reading Ability

Communication-based Syllabus

Courses for Young AdultsCEFR A1 - C2

First EnglishEstablish core language foundation
CEFR Levels 0 to A1

First English is specially designed for beginners and provides the language terms appropriate for that level.  The learning sequence follows the natural learning path: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  The hierarchical scope and sequence helps students understand, practice, internalize, and establish the core framework of English necessary for long-term success.


Introduces  key language and provides intensive listening and speaking practice.


Includes two or more age-appropriate conversations at school, with functional language routines and interesting animated characters.


Presents objects and actions particularly important in a school setting.


Focuses on key grammar patterns and question formation.  Gives students practice in manipulating the language.

Letters & Numbers

Develops reading and vocabulary, including the alphabet, phonics, numbers, times, calendar language, math functions, and numerical relations.

English for SuccessApplying English in the Classroom
CEFR Levels A2 to C2

English for Success prepares 11-17 year olds to use English in a daily school environment, and in school subject areas like math, science, geography, and history. The learning sequence follows the natural learning path: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The hierarchical scope and sequence helps students understand, practice, internalize, and establish the core framework of English necessary for long-term success.


Uses pictures to present and extend the grammar and vocabulary of daily life. Topics include seasons of the year, weather, transportation, descriptions of people and things, and occupations. The Grammar Focus section gives students practice with key structures from the lesson.

School Life

Focuses on conversational English in and around school. The main characters are a girl, age 16, and her brother, age 13, who attend an International School with students from a variety of backgrounds. School-related topics include lunch menus, room locations, and class schedules.

School Subject

Presents short illustrated talks in various subject areas, including math, science, geography, world history, and English. Key vocabulary and grammar for each subject are presented and recycled, including the language of explanation, classification, comparison, numbers, and question formation.

Language Extension

Covers general topics such as preferences, weather, occupations, and places of business. New language is introduced in a game-like format and is followed up with comprehension questions and Grammar Focus exercises.

Speaking Up

Gives students the chance to take advantage of Speech Recognition technology to practice their speaking. These motivating exercises provide additional repetitions of key vocabulary, grammar, and important phrases introduced and practiced in earlier lessons.

Reading for SuccessBuilding reading skills the smart way
CEFR Levels A2 to C2

Newly developed reading course reflects and extends the language and content of DynEd’s academic course English for Success


Comprehension questions focus learners’ attention on main ideas and important details. Learners can hear sentences read aloud and practice oral reading by recoding their own voices.

Sentence Focus

Learners deepen their language understanding by focusing on word choices (grammar and vocabulary) in sentences from the reading.

Memory game

Listening for meaning and rapid decoding are integrated in this exercise. This activity develops working memory, a key to reading fluency.

Missing Words

Learners work their way up through the levels of this game-based exercise, as they identify missing words which change with each new attempt.

Vocabulary Focus

Learners review key vocabulary from the readings while building their ability to work with English-only word definitions, a key academic skill.

Find the Words

This timed activity challenges students to scan through a text quickly to find the target words, and builds rapid decoding skills.

Make a Sentence

This motivating Speech Recognition activity builds decoding and pronunciation skills, as learners complete sentences by reading them aloud.

English by the NumbersBuilding Confidence in
Presentations & Conversations
CEFR Levels B1 to C2

An excellent supplementary course ideal for both General and Business English, English by the Numbers develops the skills needed to express numbers in different situations, understand and make numerical presentations in English, present data in the form of graphs and charts, discuss and describe logical relationships, and exchange numerical information. Students learn to ask and answer questions about topics such as energy, health, safety, and job issues.

Unit 1Numbers, Fractions, Decimals

Unit 2Numerical Operations, Numerical Relations

Unit 3Graphs, Related Changes

Unit 4Line Graphs

Unit 5Bar Graphs

Unit 6Pie Graphs

Unit 7Probabilities, Logical Relations, Review

New Dynamic EnglishImprove English Fluency
CEFR Levels A1 to C2

New Dynamic English is a general English course ideal for young adults and adults to help them learn the frequently-used sentence structures necessary for effective communication at all levels. It focuses on language that is immediately useful in over 200 hours of highly intensive and high quality study and practice. Its hierarchical scope and sequence help students understand, practice, and internalize the core framework of English necessary for fluency and long-term success.

Module 5

On a Trip, Energy Sources, Directions, Review Exercises, Video Interactions

Module 6

Life Experiences, Matrix Vocabulary, Comparisons, Review Exercises, Video Interactions

Module 7

Life Choices, Epidemic, Space & Time Sequences, Review Exercises, Video Interactions

Module 8

The Secret Code, Matrix Vocabulary, UFOs For & Against, Review Exercises, Video Interactions

Module 1

Names & Places, Jobs & Family, Numbers & Time, Review Exercises, Video Interactions

Module 2

Family Schedule, Matrix Vocabulary, Likes & Dislikes, Review Exercises, Video Interactions

Module 3

Daily Activities, Our World, Locations, Review Exercises, Video Interactions

Module 4

Planning Ahead, Matrix Vocabulary, Biography, Review Exercises, Video Interactions