Everything You or Your Family Need to Finally Learn to Speak English

Learning a language is hard, and millions of people struggle daily to make progress. The struggle is over. DynEd’s English-learning applications, with regular live online Tutor Support, let you and your family stop struggling and truly learn to speak English.

Our skills-based process lets you learn through practice, just like a sport or a musical instrument: extensive listening and speaking practice build the language reflexes you need to get by in English conversation.

And you won’t be alone. Our sophisticated Intelligent Tutor is always there to give you feedback and advice for more efficient learning. Since your teacher can monitor your progress online, the coaching sessions will be short and focused on the things you need to improve.

DynEd’s applications run on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can install them on as many devices as you want and start learning anywhere and anytime.

With integrated CEFR Certification, DynEd lets you reach the goals that you set for yourself: land that job promotion, achieve entrance qualifications, and more.